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Lunch Recycling

Did you know that an average elementary school creates more than 18,000 pounds of garbage at lunch each year? Bridge students reduce their trash weight by dumping drink liquids, composting food scraps, and sorting drink containers, clean plastics, and trays for recycling. This saves the town money and helps keep the Earth clean.

Click on these links to learn more about our lunch recycling program and how it works.

Recycling Stations & Statistics

Trash Resting Station Pour Liquids Liquid Containers Clean Plastics Dirty Trays Clean Trays Trash

How It Works:

  •  We collect and sort items into small collection bins shown above.
  •  Custodians empty bins into the large recycling containers outside the school.
  •  JRM Hauling & Recycling picks up trash and recyclables weekly.


 Lunch Recycling Statistics
(Measured 3 days: Fri, 1/13/11, Tues 2/14/12, Fri 3/2/12)
Lunches served: about 250


  • Compost – 34 lbs
  • Liquid – 40 lbs (about 5 gallons)
  • Recycling of Milk containers, trays, plastics, papers – 18 lbs
  • Plastics – 4 lbs   
  • Milk containers – 9 lbs
  • Trays – 5 lbs <Q: is this accurate?>
  • True Trash Remaining – 11 lbs
  • Total Weight Saved (without True Trash) = 92 lbs
  • Total Weight (with True Trash) = 103 lbs


  • With composting: 92 lbs / 103 lbs = 89%
  • Without composting: 58 lbs/ 103 lbs = 56%

Eco-Bridge in the News

Check out these articles and video that talk about what students are doing at lunch:

Student Volunteers

Over 165 students in Grades 2-5 have volunteered to help recycle at lunch. On their assigned day, teams of 2-3 students help their classmates sort trash, recyclables (clean plastics and liquid containers), and compostable food scraps.

Parent Volunteers

Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers for their hard work in helping the Bridge community be green.

  • Lunch-time Volunteers: Nirai Arunachalam, Nimisha Asthagiri, Angela Chang, Archana Dubey, Suni George, Soojung Kim, Jenny Lisle, Maggie McGeachie, Shree Panchapakesan Naomi Priver, Kirthika Ramakrishnan, Beth Randall, and Chetna Vankayalapati.
  • Respected Advisors & Experts: Marcia Gens, Sandra Mayo (former Eco-Bridge Chairs)
  • School Liaisons & Advisors: Erin Maguire, Lucia Gates
  <---   1-hr. Parent Volunteer Shift   --->  
11:15am–11:35am 11:40am–12:00pm 12:05pm–12:25pm

12:30pm–12:50pm 12:55pm–1:15pm
Grade 5 Grade 2 Grade 3 & Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 4

Volunteer Resources

Custodial Staff

Thank you to our wonderful custodial staff, Paul O'Connell and Elinor MacLennan, for their daily hard work in keeping the Bridge school clean and eco-friendly.