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Bridge School, 55 Middleby Road, Lexington, MA 02421


Eco-Bridge works together with students, staff, and families to reduce waste, save energy, and help care for the environment. Our green projects give students hands-on ways to make a difference at Bridge and in the Lexington community. Check out our current projects below.

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Lunch Recycling

Every day, Bridge students sort their trash, recyclables, and compostable food scraps at lunch. It’s a team effort! Over 165 student volunteers help their classmates through the recycling line, and parent volunteers supervise during K-3 lunch. On average, we reduce lunch trash weight by 56% (without composting) and 89% (with composting). Learn more…

Recycling Brigades

Eco-Bridge collects and recycles Glue Bottles and Sticks, Toner & Inkjet cartridges, and Drink Pouches with the TerraCycle program. If you use any these items at home, please add them to our collection boxes located in front hallway. Our school earns 1-2 cents per item recycled AND it will help reduce your trash at home.




Past Projects

Check out our past projects, including the Eco-Bridge Logo Contest and Earth Day Paper Bag Project. Learn more…






Questions? Contact Eco Bridge Committee Chairs Beth Murnaghan or Natalie Cohen.